Online Blackjack in New Zealand

Blackjack is one of the most popular choices of online casino games for players in New Zealand. If you are a player looking to have a good experience playing blackjack online, or want to learn more about the blackjack game, we have just the thing for you. This article give any player interested in the online blackjack game the information and direction about online blackjack they need. It will cover things like odds, tips, rules that are useful when you play blackjack online.

Top Blackjack Online Casinos

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, online blackjack in New Zealand is sure to provide hours of entertainment and the potential for big wins. So sit back, relax, and get ready to experience the excitement of online blackjack in New Zealand.

Play Real Money Blackjack vs. Free Blackjack

Free Online Blackjack

  • Learning the blackjack play rules: If you are new to the online blackjack games, the free blackjack is the perfect option to familiarize yourself with the rules.
  • No financial risk: When you play blackjack online for free, you are not risking losing any real money.
  • Freedom to try strategies: When you play free blackjack online you have all the freedom to try out the strategies.
  • Learning the variants: There is plenty of time and independence of learning the blackjack variants with free blackjack.
  • Fun and stress free: Possibility of gaining confidence while you play and enjoy the game when you play blackjack free.

Real money blackjack

  • Emotions: Playing real money blackjack lets you enjoy the real emotions of the game.
  • Winning: The opportunity and excitement of winning real money from playing.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Real money blackjack comes with a number of online bonuses and promotions.
  • Playing with friends: You can play with your friends within the same casino

Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is an incredibly popular game to play at real money blackjack online casinos. If you are a beginner however, it can be difficult to understand the game when you are first playing. Luckily, there is a strategy which is extremely easy to follow. Below you will find all the basic information about blackjack rules you need as a starter of online blackjack. Once you have a grasp of these basics, you will know exactly what to do no matter the outcome. This overview shows the strategies and tips for playing the smartest way.

  • Order of Play: Placing the bet to start the round. Once the bet is placed the dealer will have a face-up and face-down card, and you will get two face-up cards.
  • Card Values: The goal of blackjack is to get close to 21 without going over and beating the dealer. The cards are valued at face value( a 3 is equal to 3 points). A is an exception worth either 1 or 11, and picture cards are equal to 10 points.
  • Hit or Stand: When you have received your cards you can chose to hit or stand. Hitting means getting additional cards, and standing means you continue with the cards you already have.

Player Decisions (Bet types Blackjack)

The best strategy for playing blackjack is treating every card not dealt as a 10 point card. The simple reason for this is, 4 times as many 10 point cards means the odds are that the following card will be a 10 point card.

  • Surrender: Receive half your bet back if you are not content with your hand. (Available only in some casinos). If you have this option, you should take advantage of it . You can regain half of your bet and play another round.
  • Split: Splitting means you can split a pair of cards. Leaving two separate hands and betting on the second hand. It isn’t always a good idea, like if you are in odds of winning. Remember to consider the dealers cards as well as your own.
  • Double Down: Usually, if you have 9-11 points you can double the bet and be dealt only one more card. Pay attention to the dealers cards.
  • Insurance: If the dealer has a showing A, you can buy insurance. It pays you out if the dealer has a blackjack.
  • Side bets: Payout regardless of your hand, like the most common: Player or Dealer Pairs and 21+3.
    Multi- hand: Up to 5 hands at once.

The Best Starting Hands

  • Natural 21: Natural 21 is an instant win in all blackjack game types. The hand consists of an A and a 10-point card.
  • Hard 20: It is worth holding this hand rather than splitting it. The hard 20 hand is any two 10 point cards gives you a total of 20.
  • Soft 18: This is a total of 18 with several options which includes an A, which can be given the value of 11 without exceeding 21.
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Blackjack Online Strategy Tips

New players can find blackjack online confusing, there are some basic strategies that will help you to develop suitable strategies when you play blackjack. Basic blackjack strategy involves making mathematically optimal decisions based on the cards that have been dealt, in order to maximize your chances of winning.

The goal of blackjack is to beat the dealer by having a hand that is closer to 21 than theirs, without going over 21. Aces can be worth 1 or 11, face cards are worth 10, and all other cards are worth their face value.

In general, basic blackjack strategy in New Zealand involves playing the odds in order to minimize the house edge and increase your chances of winning. This means following a set of rules that have been proven to be mathematically optimal in most situations.

One key aspect of basic blackjack strategy is knowing when to hit or stand based on the value of your hand. For example, if your hand is valued at 11 or less, it’s generally recommended that you hit. If your hand is valued at 12 or more, you should stand. However, if the dealer has a strong upcard (i.e. 7, 8, 9, 10, or Ace), you may need to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Another important aspect of basic blackjack strategy is knowing when to double down. This involves doubling your original bet and receiving one additional card. Doubling down is generally recommended when you have a hand that totals 9, 10, or 11, and the dealer has a weak upcard (i.e. 2 through 6). However, you should avoid doubling down if the dealer has a strong upcard.

Finally, basic blackjack strategy in New Zealand also involves knowing when to split pairs. This involves separating two cards of the same value into two separate hands and placing an additional bet on the second hand. Pair splitting is generally recommended when you have a pair of 2s, 3s, 6s, 7s, 9s, or Aces. However, you should avoid splitting pairs of 5s or 10s.

Overall, basic blackjack strategy in New Zealand involves making strategic decisions based on the value of your hand and the dealer’s upcard, and following a set of rules that have been proven to be mathematically optimal in most situations. By doing so, you can increase your chances of winning and minimize the house edge.

How to Play Blackjack Online

If you want to get started playing blackjack you can easily do so on our website. We have put together a step by step guide to help you get started playing.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is select your blackjack game. Your first option is the online blackjack free of charge. If you want to play with real money you first need to make a deposit.
  2. Secondly, the cards are dealt and you can make a side bet.
  3. The third step will be to decide whether you want to hit or stand.
  4. Fourthly, when the dealers cards are revealed, you can inform you decisions from the hand.
  5. Lastly, you will find out if you won or lost, and move on to the next round.

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Types of Blackjack

Blackjack is a game with more than 100 variations. Because of this you can enjoy it in several ways. Different versions have emerged as a result of culture and personal preference. Read on to find out more about blackjack game types to find the best blackjack game.

Multiplayer Blackjack

Multiplayer blackjack is a great option to play blackjack game with friends. Multiplayer blackjack lets you play with up to 12 players. Players play against the dealer with face-up cards on the table. Free blackjack games with the multiplayer option is a great way for you and your friends to practice playing blackjack online for fun and learning about the many strategies. Get together with your friends and enjoy blackjack free online.

Switch Blackjack

Switch blackjack variant allows players to trade cards between two hands. Two equal size bets must be made by the player. The second card dealt to each hand is allowed to be switched with this variant. Cards are dealt face up and either six or eight decks are used. The rules are based on conventional blackjack rules.

Classic Blackjack

In the classic blackjack variant 52-deck cards are used. The eight decks are shuffled together and then the hand is played. The dealer will not receive a hole card. In this variant the dealer needs to hit with 16 or less, or alternatively on a soft 17. The hand has an A and totals 7 or 17.

European Blackjack

In the European Blackjack variant, the game is between player and dealer. The games use 2 and 8 card decks excluding the joker. In this variant you should try to get a hand of 21 or as close as possible. The cards numbered between 2 and 9 have their face value. Cards between 10 and A are 10 points. The A is valued 1 or 11.

Spanish Blackjack

The cards in Spanish blackjack variant are valued as follows: A are 1 or 11, face cards are valued 10. A player automatically wins if they receive two card combinations of 21, like an A and Jack. This hand is known as a blackjack. Dealers blackjacks are beaten by player blackjacks in Spanish 21.

Atlantic City Blackjack

In the Atlantic City blackjack variant, dealers need to draw 16 or less. They also need to stand on all 17 to 21 totals. Players can choose to split any pair, and double down as well. Re-splitting is not allowed, however doubling after a split is possible. On split aces only one card each is allowed.

Pontoon Blackjack

In pontoon blackjack the best hand is getting to 21 with and ace and a 10 or face card. Reaching 21 or less with five cards is called the Five Card Trick. 3 or 4 cards totalling 21 is the next highest hand. Hands totalling less than 20 with five cards are ranked. The highest rank is closest to 21. Bust hands exceed 21.

Double Exposure Blackjack

The Double Exposure Blackjack variant exposes both the dealers cards. Player blackjack plays more money. Other rules compensate this change for the dealer. The house edge is more than it is in conventional blackjack in Double Exposure Blackjack. If properly played it still ranks as one of the casinos best bets. In this variant players may split only once.

Blackjack Surrender

In this variant there is an additional rule. Blackjack surrender means that the game has the option to surrender. The players blackjack hand can be folded, before any new cards are drawn. Half of the original bet will be returned to the stack when a player chooses to surrender. Also, half will be fortified to the dealer.

Blackjack Multiplayer
Blackjack Multiplayer

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Blackjack Surrender
Blackjack Surrender

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Blackjack Switch
Blackjack Switch

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Free Blackjack Games: Advantages

Playing blackjack for free online comes with several advantages. Being able to quickly and easily choose a game is just one such advantage. Also, with blackjack free games, you will not be required to deposit before playing, or even signing up.

The exclusive blackjack titles also available for new blackjack players. There are plenty of options for players to play blackjack online free. There are many excellent choices to play blackjack online free, so there is no limit to your selection. Without the risk of losing any money when you play blackjack for free, you can enjoy these exclusive titles to the full. Each of the titles and hand picked and reviewed by our team to ensure the best experience for you.

Live Blackjack

At live casinos you can get the feel of playing at a real land-based casino. Blackjack is available for playing against a live dealer. The features that come with live blackjack are many. You won’t find most of these features at the traditional virtual table games. It is a bit slower to play at a live dealer blackjack. If you prefer playing several games at once you might find this option limited. The level of immersion on the other hand can not be substituted. You also get a sense of community when you play with players worldwide in real time. Other pros of live blackjack:

  • Real dealer, players and cards
  • Feeling of being in a real casino without leaving the comfort of your home
  • Works both on desktop and mobile

Mobile Blackjack

Online players in modern time are constantly on the move. People can play online games in their short breaks at work. Card games are as popular as other online gambling games. Mobile playing options let you play any time and anywhere. Thanks to reliable and honest electronic casinos online blackjack is available on mobile devices. Providers are regularly challenging technology and developing variations of the popular game.

You can play mobile blackjack is HTML5 optimised for the best experience. The option is available for any smart phone and. Certain casinos have online games available for use through apps. Mobile blackjack is also available for for download and play on your Android or iPhone device.

Side Bets and Payouts in Blackjack

  • Royal Match – The royal match pays 5:2 for suited player cards. Suited kings and queens pay 25:1.
  • Over/Under 13 – Over/Under 13 pays for correct prediction of the sum of a players card as greater or less than 13. The correct prediction pays even money. Most times if the number in exactly 13 it will be a loss. Certain casinos however, allow betting with exactly 13.
  • Super Sevens – If one or more sevens are dealt in the players cards this bet will pay. 3:1 is paid for one seven, 50:1 is paid for two unsuited sevens and 100:1 is paid for two suited sevens. The bet will pay 5000:1 suited and 500:1 unsuited if a third seven is also dealt. It is important to make sure the casino will deal the third card, since some casinos will not.
  • Lucky Ladies – If the players cards add up to 20, this bet pays out. An unsuited 20 pays 4:1 and a suited 20 pays 10:1. A suit and same ranked matched 20 pays 25:1. 200:1 is paid for two queen of hearts and 1000: when the dealer has a blackjack.

Bonuses and Promotions

  • No deposit bonus – The no deposit bonus is a bonus you can use without directly depositing with the casino. These bonuses do not demand any money and are available for online blackjack. The no deposit bonus lets new players try free online games and win cash without needing to deposit.
  • Welcome bonus – The most common bonus is the welcome bonus. This bonus is the first bonus you can get at a new casino. Blackjack offers the chance to get a cash reward when you sign up with the casino.
  • High roller bonus – Players who regularly make deposits can enjoy the high roller bonus. These are player who play big regularly. The bonus has some of the best bonuses for their players.
  • Matched deposit bonuses – The match deposit bonus matches your deposit amount with your bonus. Majority of casinos will match your initial deposit 100%. That means if you deposit NZ$100 you will be awarded v available for play. These bonuses come with playthrough requirements. The casino releases them into your account as supplement as you play.

Blackjack Software Providers

Netent is a blackjack casino provider that gives player a real-life-like casino experience. It offers two types of blackjack, Single Deck and Classic. Single Deck is only available on mobile while Classic Blackjack works smoothly on mobile and desktop. Both games have a modern interface,and quality graphics. One of the oldest blackjack casino software providers is Microgaming. Some of their blackjack versions have a retro feel perhaps due to this fact. However, it is far from outdated as it receives regular updates. Playtech offers an experience of vibrant colours and realistic, sharp graphics. It has one of the best casino software for players to try their luck with friends. It also offers three different game modes:

  • Private tables
  • Multi-Player
  • Single-Player

How to Win at Blackjack

  • Learn the rules

    By learning the rules from the start, you can familiarize yourself with and become comfortable with the game. Taking the time to learn the rules is simple, and opportunities many for new players. If you play free blackjack, you will have fun and learn at the same time.

  • Use a Strategy

    Using a strategy can help you to practice for real money games. It can also help you find the right strategy for you. Learning different strategies will make it easier for you to be successful at the game and become and experienced player. There are plenty of strategies worth using when playing blackjack.

  • Manage your bankroll

    Managing your bankroll is more about common sense than a blackjack trick. You will find that doing this can improve the overall game just as any other blackjack trick. As with all casino gaming, it is important to think about your bankroll. With betting in general you should only bet what you can afford.

Make a Bet

Blackjack Online for Fun

Blackjack is an extremely popular game for beginners as well as more experienced players. The rules are simple, so beginners can easily start playing blackjack online. Experienced players with years of experience never get tired because of the many strategies to work on. The odds of blackjack favours skilled players rather than being chance based. More more skills you develop, the more fun playing blackjack becomes. No matter your experience level, blackjack is secure and safe to play. The experience can be even more enjoyable if you use your mobile device to play. Blackjack available to play for free is ideal for beginners.

Blackjack Card Counting

Many gamblers use the card counting strategy when playing blackjack. This strategy helps to identify if the the next hand will give an advantage. It could be to the player or the dealer. It is mostly used when attempting to beat the house. It can be used together with the basic blackjack strategy. You do not only need to know maths when it comes to blackjack counting cards. As a card counter that is only one thing you need to know. Making use of card counting you will make large bets on the hands have an advantage and good payout if you win.

FAQ: Black Jack Online

American Blackjack (or Classic blackjack) is the most popular blackjack game to play along with European Blackjack.
Yes, it is possible. Most online casinos give you the option of playing either a free bet blackjack or with real money.
Yes, the multiplayer blackjack option lets you play with several players. You can play against the dealer with your friends. Blackjack free bet options have this opportunity also.
Yes, it is possible to count cards playing online blackjack. It might be tricky since most online casinos use a software to shuffle.
Some online casinos offer multi-deck games with a cut card. Usually, the shuffling of cards is done after each hand.
Single-Deck blackjack is means players are required to get a hand value which doesn’t exceed 21 or a number close to that.
Multi-Hand Blackjack is the option for players to play more than one hand. It makes the game even more enticing. It is perfect for adventurous players.
An example of a soft hand is an A as the first card and 8 as second. Meaning the number is either 9 or 19. Hard means you have dealt a hand with no A.
Hit is an instruction given to the dealer by a player to request n additional card. It is done either verbally or by hitting the table. To stand is ending your turn and holding your total.
If you have less than a 50% chance of winning, the surrendering option is considered a good option. It is an optional rule that lets you give up half of your bet.